Sodium phosphate for Libra


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Sodium Phosphate, 100g sachet – For Libra

Sodium Phosphate for Libra

Made of 100% plant extracts.

YOUR 3 minerals that are essential for the horoscope owner represent the period of missing months until the end of the year during which the mother was not pregnant.

Dietary supplement

Preparation and supplementation:

Dissolve 1 scoop (5g) of powder in a glass of warm water. Use once daily, after meals. During supplementation, drink no less than 1 liter of water a day

Best before:

24 months from the production date (the date and batch number are printed on the packaging).Store at room temperature (15-25°C), in a dry, dark place, out of the reach of children.Once this product is opened, it has a 6-month shelf life.


Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded. Do not use if you are allergic to any of product compounds. Do not use the drug during pregnancy and breast feeding. The product contains mineral salts supporting the physiological processes in the body. They work at the cellular level and are a factor supporting the functioning of cells. These salts participate in metabolic processes and are involved in the absorption of substances contained in food consumed in the daily diet.

Critical parts of the body that are exposed to ailments caused by a lack of sodium phosphate: Bladder, kidneys, lower back, hyperacidity, ulcers and stomach acidity.

Renal pelvis, renal cortex, adrenal gland, kidney, outer surface of kidney, renal pyramids, pubis, nerve connected to kidney and renal pelvis, left renal system, right renal system, left inguinal lymph node, right inguinal lymph node, renal artery, adrenal artery, fatty capsule of kidney, major calyx (kidney), minor calyx (kidney), renal hilum, renal vein, adrenal veins, blood vessels from renal cortex, cutaneous blood vascular architecture, bladder (urinary), right ureter, left ureter.

This alkaline cell salt is derived from bone ash as well as by neutralizing phosphoric acid with sodium carbonate.
Libra is a Latin for the scales. Sodium, or sodium phosphate, maintains a balance between acids and other body fluids.
Acid is an organic substance and can be chemically split into two or more components, thereby destroying their individual chemical properties.
Certain amount of acid is always present in the blood, nerves, stomach and liver. Excess always stems from deficiency of Libra’s alkaline salt.
According to medical professionals, acid causes teeth grinding during sleep, furthermore – the gastrointestinal parasites occur due to the fermentation process taking place across the digestive pathway, often leading to convulsions in children and adults, especially at nights. Moreover, the throat can become so sore from the presence of acid that it resembles diphtheria. Morning sickness, yellow coating on the back of the tongue, itching and flea-like spots all point out to a considerable deficit of this salt.
Other symptoms resulting from such deficiency include headache in the crown area and in the forehead, a feeling of a bursting skull, intense feeling of pressure and heat, headache with stomach pain, acidic, foamy discharge, dizziness, inflammation of the eyes and accompanying golden yellow discharge. Additionally, symptoms involve secretions and tongue coating in the same color.
Sodium phosphate shortage may cause ears to become sore and crusty with discharge or may cause a burning sensation. It may also give itchy nose due to invermination, reddened face with appearing and reappearing spots, regurgitation of acidic food, sour taste in the mouth, gangrene of the oral cavity, tonsillitis and pharyngitis, dyspepsia, superficial gastric ulceration. Sometimes a long-term presence of acid in the stomach can lead to ulceration so severe that it may be mistaken for cancer. Often times, however, indeed cancer may develop.
Occasionally, symptoms involve diarrhea, especially in children, and significant amounts of jelly-like, mucus discharge from the throat.
Another indication of deficiency is an insufficient amount of urine and a burning sensation during urination, amenorrhea, increased sex drive, acidic vaginal discharge, sometimes watery, and sometimes denser and yellowish in colour, irregular menstruation, accompanied by pain in the frontal portion of the skull, palpitations, irregular heartbeat, chest tremors, rheumatoid arthritis, painful joint popping, eczema, rubella, hives, hot flushes due to indigestion, rectal itching, restless sleep.
Sodium phosphate is the salt of Libra natives. Libra rules kidneys and lower back as well as the acid-base balance of the body. Sodium Phosphate prevents acidity and excessive alkalinity, especially in the bloodstream. It helps kidneys function properly and is used in the treatment of gout, kidney stones, ulcers and gastric hyperacidity. Sodium phosphate helps restore and maintain emotional balance, especially after a mental exertion or in situations of tension and stress.
It is a biochemical equalizer of acid. It works well in all forms of acidosis. Heart diseases, dyspepsia, and other digestive ailments all suggest that sodium phosphate should be administered. It is also effective against worms and parasites. When an excessively acidic reaction is detected in saliva or urine (pH 6.4 is ideal, this can be determined using a standard pH test available at pharmacies), sodium phosphate, along with fresh fruit and vegetables diet, aids restoration of the acid-base balance. It regulates the acid-base balance of the entire body, including the skin. When taken orally, it has a mild laxative effect. It also prevents arthritis – gout.

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