Terms and Conditions of the Affiliate Program

1. The Affiliate Program service is provided by NOYRAS LTD with its registered office in London,
Company number: 08402628, address: Craven House, 40-44 Uxbridge Road, London, United
Kingdom, W5 2BS, hereinafter referred to as „NOYRAS LTD”.
2. These Terms and Conditions define the terms, scope, and conditions of participation in the Affiliate
Program of NOYRAS LTD.
3. Participation in the Affiliate Program is open to natural persons, entrepreneurs, and commercial
4. Participation in the Affiliate program requires opening a Affiliate’s account with NOYRAS LTD at
www.atmalife.bio and accepting the Terms and Conditions of the Program.
5. NOYRAS LTD reserves the right to verify the application of a potential Affiliate to the Program and
to refuse participation in the Program at its discretion.
6. In line with the Affiliate Program, the Affiliate promotes NOYRAS LTD products by placing on their
website the promotional materials and affiliate links to NOYRAS LTD service, located at:
7. Within the scope of the Affiliate Panel, NOYRAS LTD. provides the Affiliate with the statistics of the
Affiliate Program, including the number of visits from the affiliate links and corresponding calculated
commissions, which are the basis for the settlements between NOYRAS LTD. and the Affiliate.
8. Following purchase of NOYRAS LTD products by the referred Customer through the affiliate link,
the Affiliate is credited with the commission.
9. Following purchase of NOYRAS LTD products by the referred Customer, the Customer will be
assigned to the Affiliate and the Affiliate will receive an additional commission on each subsequent
purchase by this Customer.
10. The Affiliate is not entitled to the commission, in the following cases:
a. The Customer registered or placed an order directly with NOYRAS LTD before the
Affiliate joined the Affiliate Program.
b. Customer returns the Product.
c. Customer has previously clicked on another Affiliate’s affiliate link.
11. The amount of settlements, including commissions for the Customer’s referral and subsequent
purchases made by the Customer, is defined in the Affiliate Panel.
a. The amount of commission can be set individually for each Affiliate at the beginning
of cooperation. Any change of to the commission amount must be accepted by the Affiliate
and NOYRAS LTD in writing or by e-mail under pain of invalidity.
b. Commissions may be determined by NOYRAS LTD individually for each Product and
changed without prior notice to Affiliate.

12. Commissions due to the Affiliate and accumulated by the Affiliate are summed up on their
account and are available in the Affiliate Panel. Settlement of funds accumulated within the
commission is made no more often than once a month. The parties consider the minimum amount to
be paid as 100,00 PLN net.
13. Due to the return policy, which provides customers with 14 days to return products and receive a
full refund, commissions will be paid with a monthly delay from the date of the actual sale.
14. The commission statement prepared by NOYRAS LTD shall be the sole basis for issuing a VAT
invoice/receipt by the Affiliate and for payment of the remuneration due to the Affiliate.
15. Affiliate will be paid within 14 days from the date of submitting the application for commission
payment via the form provided in the Affiliate Panel. The commission will be paid by bank transfer or
to a PayPal account.
16. The Affiliate who conducts business activity is obligated to issue a VAT invoice within 7 days from
the date of receiving information about the amount of commission due to them or receipt of funds
due to their bank account.
17. Affiliate, who is a natural person, issues a bill to NOYRAS LTD indicating the amount of
commission due to them. The Affiliate is responsible for settling accounts with the tax authorities
according to their tax residency.
18. In case of resignation from further participation in the Affiliate Program, the commissions due to
the Affiliate will be summed up on the resignation date and paid to the Affiliate. The resignation date
is the last date of any obligation of NOYRAS LTD towards the Affiliate from commissions due and any
other claims.
19. All the complaints concerning the operation of the Affiliate Program can be filed through the
contact form available at NOYRAS LTD.
20. The complaints will be considered within 14 days from the date of their receipt, and the Affiliate
will be informed about the result of the complaint via the e-mail address provided in the contact
21. NOYRAS LTD reserves the right to terminate the Affiliate Program at any time but will inform the
Affiliate at least 7 days in advance via the email address provided in the Affiliate account. NOYRAS
LTD reserves the right to suspend the Affiliate Program with immediate effect at its discretion. The
information about the suspension of the Program will be sent to the e-mail address registered in the
Affiliate’s account.
22. In case of termination of the Affiliate Program, NOYRAS LTD will sum up all the commissions due
to the Affiliate at the date of termination and will pay the Affiliate regardless of their amount.
23. Participation in the Affiliate Program is not subject to the cession of rights, especially the
Affiliate’s rights and obligations, and they are not subject to sale or transfer or encumbrance in any
other way, to any third party, including between Affiliates.
24. Affiliate agrees to comply with good commercial practices and to refrain from any actions that
could lead to commission or increase in commission, and in particular, agrees to:
a. not to open additional accounts on their own or other data to obtain commissions,
b. not to open fictitious Customer accounts to receive commissions,

c. not to mislead the Customers about the products or services of NOYRAS LTD,
d. not to use search engine advertisements using the name of NOYRAS LTD (including in
modified form) or the names of NOYRAS LTD products,
e. not to offer rewards or refunds (cashback) to referred Customers,
f. not to offer discount coupons or suggest to receive coupons or discounts by using Affiliate’s
g. not to manipulate cookies (cookie stuffing) to obtain commissions when a user has not
actually clicked on the affiliate’s link,
h. not to use NOYRAS LTD. name (even in a modified form) in their domain names.
All the above-mentioned actions as well as any other unfair practices will result in immediate
blocking of the Affiliate’s account, cancellation of the collected commissions, and termination of
cooperation. In the case mentioned in the previous sentence, the affiliate is not entitled to any
claims for damages against NOYRAS LTD.
25. NOYRAS LTD will inform the Affiliate about the organizational and technical changes concerning
the Affiliate Program functioning at the e-mail address given in the Affiliate’s account.
26. NOYRAS LTD is not responsible for the non-performance or improper performance of obligations
under the Terms and Conditions in cases caused by force majeure events, as well as for the reasons
of other entities, whose behavior is beyond its control. NOYRAS LTD is also not responsible for
damages resulting from the malfunction of computer equipment and software.
27. NOYRAS LTD shall not be liable in any way for the actions or omissions of the Affiliate towards
third parties or its contractors.
28. Affiliate by joining this Program does not have any authority to act on behalf of NOYRAS LTD.
29. Affiliate may not, on behalf of NOYRAS LTD, incur any obligation or use the names, trademarks,
and utility models owned by NOYRAS LTD, in any form or field of exploitation, except as expressly
granted under the Program.

30. GDPR: Consent and information on the processing of personal data
Hereby, following the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the
Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of
personal data and the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (Official Journal
of the European Union No. L 119/1, 4.5.2016; hereinafter: GDPR) – I inform that:
A. The Administrator has obtained your personal data: directly from you as a result of your
joining the NOYRAS LTD Affiliate Program through the website: www.atmalife.bio.
B. The exact details of the administrator are NOYRAS LIMITED with registered office at
NOYRAS LTD, 20 Kentish Town Road, Grand Union House, NW1 9NX LONDON, United Kingdom, Tax
ID PL: 5263135088, Mailing Address: Info@atmalife.bio – hereinafter referred to as
C. Purpose: The Administrator stores your personal data in connection with your participation
in the Affiliate Program for the time necessary for its implementation and for the time during which

it is possible to assert claims in connection with the implementation of the Agreement, up to a
maximum of 3.5 years from the date of conclusion of the Agreement. In addition, data may be stored
by us for statistical and archival purposes for a period of 10 years from the date of termination of the
Agreement or the event giving rise to the need for such processing. At the same time, for
accountability purposes, we will keep the data for the period in which the Administrator is required
to retain the data or documents containing them to document compliance with legal requirements,
including to enable the control of compliance by public authorities.

D. Your Rights: I further inform you that:
1) You have the right to request from the Administrator access to personal data concerning the
data subject, rectification, erasure, or restriction of processing or the right to object to
processing, as well as the right to data portability.
2) If you believe that the processing of personal data is carried out in violation of generally
applicable laws, you have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority, i.e. the
President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.
3) You can withdraw your consent for the processing of your personal data at any time –
without affecting the legality of the processing which was performed based on your consent
before its withdrawal.

E. Consent to processing of personal data.
By joining the Affiliate Program with the Administrator and submitting your personal data to the
Administrator for its implementation, you hereby consent to the collection and processing of your
personal data:
1) for marketing and statistical purposes, including in particular for the purposes of fulfilling
the objectives of the Affiliate Program, as well as for fulfilling the Administrator’s and
Affiliate’s mutual obligations, such as sales, commission accrual, etc.
2) by making them available to third parties, in particular, to affiliates and customers to
whom the Administrator provides marketing services, such as organizing promotional
campaigns, contests, events, etc., as well as further processing by these persons for
marketing and statistical purposes.
3) In accordance with the Act of 16 July 2004. Telecommunications Law (i.e. Journal of Laws
2017.1907) – I consent to the use by the Administrator – of telecommunications terminal
equipment of which I am a user, for direct marketing purposes. This includes in particular
making phone calls, sending SMS and MMS messages, and e-mail correspondence, etc.
F. Transfer of personal data to third parties. The administrator informs that your data will not
be transferred to the third parties except for external accounting and courier companies, through
which the correspondence between the Parties is delivered.

By entering the Affiliate Program, Affiliate makes the following declaration of will:
Affiliate hereby declares that they have read Section 29 of these Terms and Conditions of the
Affiliate Program and agrees to the processing of personal data by NOYRAS LTD.